POWER International is a thoughtful organization skilled in converting ideas into useful and desirable products. Whether your business is a fresh start-up or large multinational, our product designers can help you develop a new product. As a leading product designing and manufacturing company in the region we have a wealth of experience across a number of sectors including medical health care, sports and recreational, engineering, consumer and automotive.





Enabling Sustainable Manufacturing Process and Supply Chain Analysis. During the Early Product Design Phase. At this stage, we help to analyse the product concept to determine the costs and viability of commercial manufacture so that the products produced are indistinguishable from those produced in conventional manufacturing systems and with similar levels of output and utilization of raw materials and energy. The process of creating or improving a product by learning what consumers want and examining similar products that are already available


We gather information about your product idea. We offer multi-disciplinary product design and innovation. Team with wide perspective, more accessible, recognised team, sports products design and multi-disciplinary design. Our Product designers are not just the individuals who make your product presentable; they help you identify, examine, and validate the problem your product addresses, then craft, design, test, and deliver the solution. Through brainstorming, focus groups, market research, creative concepts, experimentation, and evaluation we design your idea and make it into reality.


Because we understand how modern production processes work, we can support you at all stages of your product development cycle with a range of prototyping technologies. At our modern prototyping services we offer a range of 3D printing, rapid prototype services, additive manufacturing and model making technologies. Depending on the purpose of the part, we offer a range of different finishing levels available on all 3D printing. We put quality, speed and service at the heart of everything we do and ensure we use the latest technologies.


Our precise machining company is supported by our experienced specialists and CNC machinists who are experts in programming, fixture design, and development. Ultra-precision requires our machinists to possess a deep understanding of a machine’s behavior – not just programming and running in accordance with a manual. CNC machinists’ familiar with their machines give them the ability to push the machines beyond the manufacturers’ intended design and tolerance capabilities, maximizing their performance when needed. With knowledgeable, industry leading ultra-precision machining professionals on our team, we have been able to develop processes achieving practically impossible levels of perfection with the manipulation of temperature compensation curves and control.
We perform a number of ultra-precision machining services, such as:
3 and 4 Axis Milling | 5 Axis Machining | Super Precision Lathes


At POWER Int., we offer molding and die casting at competitive level with both traditional and state of the art technology. No matter what the project is, we will work with you to make sure that you get the completed product in a timely manner and that it meets all your specifications. The integrated CNC system increases the performance and overall productivity of our company. We especially work for sports and automotive industry manufacturers. We provide parts design checking, mold and molding product cost quotation and full technical engineering support. Our CNC mold-making technology includes custom mold, mold design, hybrid mold manufacturing, OEM mold making, plastic and composites product design and development assistance.


Raw materials are materials or substances used in the primary production or manufacturing of goods. Finding and ensuring premium qualities for our clients and consumers is one of our core competencies. Through our direct co-operation with the producers, we guarantee that strict standards are maintained for which we have partnership only with the market’s renowned and reliable sources. At POWER International we keep inventory of the finest raw material required for designing, and manufacturing of molds, machines and end products. The basic raw materials required for the production of sports goods are different metals, glass fiber, carbon composites leathers, plastics, wood, glue, nylon guts, silicon, rubber, chemicals, electrical, electronic appliances and accessories.


We understand that a successful and efficient product manufacturing process depends on various aspects. Availability of resources, the location, quality management, process monitoring etc. We adopt an efficient production layout in accordance with the different process steps from planning to packaging of the product being produced. By the production facilities factsheet assistance we keep ourselves to define and improve its manufacturing process by looking at it from a holistic perspective stipulating conceptual planning, macro-planning and micro-planning. At POWER Int. we have multifaceted modern, integrated production facilities that enables us to respond rapidly and reliably to all our client’s requests. We have organized to keep an entirely computerized production control system and BAR code and QR code identification of each component to manage the orders in real time and optimize production times.


At POWER Int., research and development is an integral part of our innovation strategy. This is what gives the company such excellent levels of competitivity on the market, through the way in which our R&D department visualizes, designs, tests and approves a creative range of products, with each meeting specific requirements and design briefs. Scientific research is the foundation of any advanced technology while technological development is necessary when transferring the results of this research to the market. One of the beliefs we have in POWER Int. is the need to invest in R&D to promote technological and business growth.
Our team of engineers have decades of experience in various research sectors. We lead in-house R&D projects as well as for customers in various fields by always bearing in mind the main objective of providing high quality results, which will fit the corresponding market demand. Our R&D department allows us to remain constantly at the forefront of technological developments to provide a rapid, accurate and adapted to our customers.

We put quality, speed and service at the heart of everything we do and ensure we use the latest technologies.

We are having some of the best minds and talent as a team of great experienced professionals and skilled people who give their best effort to design and manufacture the best plan of your needs according to your choice.

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