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The Qualities of a Good Beach Tennis Racket

Here are the characteristics that distinguish rackets from others.


A light racket will allow you to handle the racket quickly, thus, hitting the ball efficiently. Nevertheless, the light racquet will demand more effort on your arms, compare to a heavier racket, which provides more power when hitting the ball.

For the best experience, choose a racket with the maximum weight you can manage.

The weight of beach tennis rackets ranges between 320grams and 360 grams. The racket’s weight will definitely affect your feelings of the ball. Heavy rackets are stiff, stable and more powerful. They also transfer fewer vibrations on your hand during impact. Consider the combination of balance and weight during your purchase.


If a racket is heavier on the head, you’ll be able to develop more power on each shot, especially during a smash. However, such a racket will bear more intensely on your wrist. In the other hand, if the racket is balanced more towards its handle, it will allow you to control the ball more precisely, and it will be easier on your wrist.


Most beach tennis rackets have small grains, in addition, to a smooth finish. If you’re looking for a racket that provides high control, you should go for the ones with a coarse surface.


The material manufacturers use to construct the racket is as vital as the racket itself. The construction material will also affect the characteristics of the racket such as weight, flexibility, and stiffness.

Most producers use graphite, fiberglass, Kevlar, among others, as the outer material. The inner material is usually hardened foam, and it plays a significant role in the stroke force and elasticity of the racket.

Head size

Rackets with an average head size width are usually recommended. Keep in mind, that beach tennis rackets should adhere to the head size requirements dictated by the ITF.

Also, it’s recommended that you go for rackets with rounded rims because they are easier to control and play with.


The ITF requires beach tennis rackets to have a maximum length of 19.6 inches (50 cm).

When it comes to length, a longer racket will give you a significant advantage when serving because it offers a longer reach, as well as, a greater contact. On the contrary, shorter rackets are, usually, better balanced and easier to handle. If strength is not your forte, we suggest you go for shorter rackets.


The flexibility, elasticity, and strength of a racket will highly depend on the material used to manufacture the racket head, as well as, the surface.

A more flexible racket, generally, provides more power when hitting the ball; however, the downside is that it decreases ball control. On the contrary, stiffer rackets, absorb more energy during contact, making them easier to place and direct the ball.

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